"Then & Now"
Deutsche Bank Art Works
May 24, 2010
Then & Now, Abstract Art from Latin America from 1950 to Present, Art Mag
Curated by Mónica Espinel

BY ACHIM DRUCKS – Following its exhibition of works by Imi Knoebel from the Deutsche Bank Collection, the 60 Wall Gallery in New York is now devoting a show to a further area of nonrepresentational art. “Then & Now” documents the immense importance of abstract tendencies for the development of Latin American art from the 1950s to the present. (more…)

Art Mag
Art Nexus
June 1, 2009
Elizabeth Jobim and Tony Bechara, Art Nexus
Lehman College Art Gallery

By GRACIELA KARTOFEL - An exhibition by two artists in the double exhibiting space section at the Lehman College Art Gallery introduces the spectator to a duet of individualities that connect without merging with each other. Grand Canyon is the title of the exhibit by Tony Bechara (more…)

Tony Bechara
May 5, 2009
El Triunfo de Tony Bechara, Selecta Magazine
El President del patronato del Museo del Barrio, nos recibe en exclusiva en su studio

By ESTHER HERRERO - Comenzamos la entrevista en el studio privado de Tony Bechara que es también su residencia privada; un típico loft en Gramercy Park, muy de moda en New York. Fueron precisamente los artistas, me cuenta Tony, los que hicieron tan popular el uso de estos magníficos espacios como hogares que fueron grandes almacenes en el pasado en esta parte de la cuidad. “Esta zona ha cambiado dramáticamente,” cuenta Tony. “Primero fueron los artistas, luego los (more…)

Minima Visibilia
March 4, 2009
MINIMA VISIBILIA, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
Tony Bechara
Grey Paintings

September 25, 2008 – April 5, 2009

Estrellita Brodsky
New York Times
November 11, 2008
A Budding Ambassador for Latin American Art, The New York Times
Estrellita Brodsky at Carlos Cruz-Díez’s “(In)formed by Color” exhibition, which she organized, at the Americas Society - Art & Design

By KATE TAYLOR - Estrellita Brodsky’s life is not that of your typical graduate student. Instead of frugal dinners of ramen or grilled cheese, there are $1,000-a-head museum galas. (more…)

Lehman Gallery
New York Times
October 26, 2008
At Lehman Gallery, Getting a Feel for the Abstract, The New York Times
Elizabeth Jobim - Tony Bechara - Art Review

By BENJAMIN GENOCCHIO - It goes without saying that abstraction was prominent in 20th-century art. From early modern movements like De Stijl and Suprematism to Abstract Expressionism, artists experimented with the possibilities inherent in nonrepresentational (more…)

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