New York Times
November 19, 2007
“Bulletins From a Bustling ‘Undiscovered’ Land”, The New York Times
Tony Bechara - Mañana inaugura en el Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico la exposición
“Minima Visibilia”

By HOLLAND COTTER - It’s a little embarrassing to watch the New York art world “discovering” Latin American modernist art year after year, as if forever only half-aware of its existence. And it’s depressing to know that the Museum of Modern Art, which could have been collecting widely in the field for decades, had to wait for a windfall in the form of a gift (more…)

Art Nexus
Art Nexus
November 2, 2006
“Art Nexus, No. 62, 2006”
Tony Bechara

By CLAUDIA CALIRMAN - At first glance, Tony Bechara’s paintings appear very chaotic. This apparent chaos however, is the result of a meticulously orchestrated labor of juxtaposition myriad colorful squares. (more…)

Art In America
Art In America
November 1, 2006
Art in America
Tony Bechara at Latin Collector and Andre Zarre

By JONATHAN GOODMAN - Since the 1970s, Puerto Rican-born, New York-based Tony Bechara has been making paintings in witch he arranges small, square dabs of colors in patterns resembling mosaics or pixilation. (more…)

Art News
October 2, 2006
“ARTnews, october 2006”
Tony Bechara - Andre Zarre and latincollector

By REX WEIL - In these two shows, veteran painter Tony Bechara offered very different takes on his grid-based abstraction. At Andre Zarre, paintings from 2004 and 2005 emphasized bright color, high contrast, and chance configurations. At latincollector’s new 57th Street gallery, a (more…)

Tony Bechara
Art Nexus
October 2, 2003
“Art Nexus, No. 50, 2003”
Tony Bechara

By CHARMAINE PICARD - Las pinturas recientes de Tony Bechara exploran la oposición entre proposiciones controladas y efectos accidentales. (more…)

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